The Foundation


Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne is a private nonprofit foundation based in Lucerne, Switzerland. Its aim and purpose is to support institutional and professional projects in the areas of Visual Art, Music, and Cultural Education worldwide. Established in 2003, the Foundation endeavors to contribute to the perception of art as a core value of our society and each individual. In order to qualify for a grant from Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, the artwork or art-educational approach should prove to be visionary, innovative, and sustainable. For this purpose, the concept of art is taken here in the widest sense possible so as to include diverse genres and various ways of expression.

The Founder

The Foundation was funded through a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Boehringer Mannheim GmbH Group to Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. in Basel. A portion of the sales price was transferred to a foundation-like structure from which various foundations with cultural, social and other nonprofit purposes could be established and funded. ART MENTOR FOUNDATION LUCERNE is one of these foundations. STUDENT MENTOR FOUNDATION LUCERNE, established in November 2005, is another one.


Foundation Board

Dr. Christoph Reinhardt, President
Numa Bischof Ullmann, Expert Member for Music and Cultural Education
Evelyn Kryst, Expert Member for Visual Art and Cultural Education
Dr. Richard Scholz, Member
Christian Weinhold, Member


Karin Ebling, Managing Director

Claudia Berger, Assistant to the Managing Director


Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne is a member of proFonds, association of public Foundations in Switzerland.


An annual audit of the Foundation’s financial statements is conducted by Balmer-Etienne AG, Lucerne.

Supervisory Body

Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations, Federal Department of Home Affairs, Bern.

Latest Annual Report