Grant Guidelines

For information on the specific requirements for each grant area, please refer to the relevant descriptions under Visual Art, Music, and Cultural Education. The general criteria listed below apply to all three grant areas likewise.

  • The supported project must be of public interest.
  • The supported project must prove to be important, visionary, innovative, and sustainable.
  • The Foundation provides only substantial contributions towards the realization of a project (as a rule: no residual financing).
  • The grant may be paid out either in one sum or in separate installments over several years (as a rule: max. three years).
  • Repeated subsidies as well as breaks are possible in individual cases.
  • For extensive and cost-intensive projects start-up financing is possible.

The following negative list also applies to all three grant areas likewise. Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne does not award: 

  • scholarships.
  • individual grants for visual artists or musicians.
  • grants for amateur projects. 
  • grants for profit-oriented or purely commercial projects.
  • grants for projects that have already been completed, and no retroactive compensation for deficits.  
  • grants for projects that have almost been completely financed otherwise.