Application for a project grant from Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne follows a two-level procedure.

Level One: Project Request

  • Completion of the online submission form.
  • There are no submission deadlines. Project requests can be submitted at any time under consideration of a nine months’ notice prior to the project start date.
  • Additionally submitted documents and documentation cannot be considered at this level of the procedure.
  • Once a project request has been received, it will be reviewed for compliance with the grant focus and the grant guidelines as defined by Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne. Each project request will be answered in a timely manner.  

Level Two: Project Proposal

  • In the case of a positive assessment, a project request will be followed by an invitation to submit a detailed and comprehensive project proposal. Submitted proposals and additional documents will not be returned after the review process.
  • Project proposals will be reviewed for completeness and compliance with the grant criteria of Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne and, in the case of a positive assessment, submitted to the Foundation Board for decision.
  • At both levels of the procedure, a selection is made based on the grant focus area and on the grant criteria of Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne. As the funds of the foundation are limited, it is possible that a project is not awarded a grant even though it was positively assessed. There is no legal claim to a grant. Project requests and proposals that were rejected cannot be submitted a second time.

Important Information

  • Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne annually receives numerous project requests and project proposals. As the funds of the Foundation are limited, it is not possible to award all submitted project applications with a grant. A project can be rejected without any statement of reasons. There is no legal claim to a grant.
  • Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne verifies for each project in a regular and suitable manner whether the awarded funds were used adequately.
  • Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne requests to be expressly named in publications and external communications of the subsidized projects. For this reason, project requests and proposals shall be submitted early enough to allow for a notice period.

Online submission form